Monday, June 14, 2010

Occupancy dilemma

You have a commercial building that's performing well and you have a huge multi national company wanting to take more and more space. Do you facilitate their expansion under their current conditions or do you hold out for better conditions and maybe a new tenant? If only the issue was that simple. On one hand the multi national is a great solvent tenant but on the other hand do you really want any one Tenant leasing a majority share of the building at non optimum rent ? For me its not about the m2 or about the money ,its all about the relationship you hold with them. When an important Tenant is rapidly expanding you should expect to fulfill the role of Landlord, expansion coordinator and confidant . The more you understand the clients needs for the future the better the result for all. I am a 'cards on the table' type of person and firmly believe if you can create this type of mutual relationship then everyone's a winner .

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  1. Right ON! If only more people in the corporate world thought your way!


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