Monday, June 21, 2010

Get super nourished!

I am a gadget geek and if we are really being specific I love kitchen gadgets. Whether it be a juicer, steamer,blender, salad spinner,crock pot,deep fat fryer etc it does not matter just so long as it has a plug on it . Nothing special in that I hear you say until you realise that I cannot cook to save my life. My child used to say that my speciality was Egg mayonnaise sandwiches but once puberty hit even that dubious distinction was taken away from me. When she had to take food into school for a party or a school fair I was the Mum allocated with the packets of crisps! My kitchen looks as good today as the day I bought it 12 years ago with not a scratch on it so I suppose I am even saving money by not being able to cook.
So why on earth did I suddenly decide this evening as I got home to juice the entire contents of my fridge? I had ,in all fairness, signed up to email updates from and even gone so far as to print off their juicing by colours guide which was very easy and informative. With my new found knowledge at hand in went the green lettuce (easiest green vegetable to juice apparently) the cucumber, the courgette and the carrot ( lots of sugar in them so be careful). The result? I can honestly say that if being healthy relies on my drinking this smelly disgusting gloop then sign me up for a permanent diet of double burger and chips! Anyone want to buy a nearly new juicer?

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