Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Last call to everywhere-ville!

Tomorrow I go to Warsaw for the day and in typical Hartley style I have no idea what time my flight goes or comes back. Its not that I haven't got a flight booked( thanks Jana you are a star!) but I just have this pathologically cavalier attitude to travelling that stops me from paying any attention to the details. Hotels never get booked until the same day of the stay, transport to the airport never gets booked until I need to leave,the office address where I have my meeting remains a mystery- in short why do today what you can put off until its too late! The margin for error is huge and sometimes is quite stressful but do I change my habits? No, not a bit of it, I thrive on the excitement! On the whole I am amazingly lucky and in the last few years nothing disastrous has happened but I am a permanent accident waiting to happen. Even family holidays are given the same treatment and if by some freak of nature I do go mad and book the flights and hotel in advance I will leave the mode of transport to the hotel to chance, just in case a better option comes along. This did badly backfire once when I arrived in Florida on Xmas day at 2am with a cranky 4 year old child in tow and expected to hire a car to get me to a resort that I had not even bothered to print out the address for!
I have tried to analyse this odd behaviour of mine and I would generally say that because the rest of my life is so structured and planned that I like the buzz of not having everything under my control but just maybe there is something deeper at the core? The first flight I ever took was on my 18th birthday and I decided to go on my own to Tunisia . This holiday was of course only booked the day before and I guess the travel agent thought I was an experienced traveller because I was given my travel documents and that was it,leaving me to figure out the journey from Harrogate to Gatwick . My flight was due to leave at 2.45pm on the Saturday and to cut a long story short I missed the flight by arriving to check in at 2.30pm! I spent my birthday in Gatwick aiport and you'd think I would have learnt an invaluable lesson from this but instead I awakened a beast. My unwavering believe that it will all turn out OK is maybe just a quaint personality quirk of mine but whatever it is I apologise to anybody who ever has to travel with me and suggest that, unless you have nerves of steel, you make your own travel arrangements !

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  1. In psychoanalytical terms, you are a thrill junkie! Procrastination with a euphoric after effect/rush. Drug like. I am with you there!


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