Sunday, February 10, 2013

Making a stand.

I have lived in the Czech Republic for over 20 years now. I fell in love with the country the first day I got here, it just felt right, felt like home and I have never felt like that in the UK.  Do I love everything about this country? Definitely not but when I moan about how things are here I think I have earned my stripes, have earned the right to criticize. I speak the language, run a business here, own properties here, pay taxes here, have lived with them and among them and understand not only the mentality but why they think like they do. My child is even half Czech!
What I cannot abide, find extremely offensive and what I will not suffer anymore are expats that persist in Czech bashing. These are people that have CHOSEN to live here, are either employed or are in business here, and enjoy all the perks associated with a relatively low cost of living . If you don't like it here LEAVE!
I appreciate that these people are probably natural born complainers, its just how they roll. They never take the time to learn the language or even try to integrate into the local society . Yes, it is different here but thats what makes the country unique . The world would be a boring place if it was all the same! The legal system is still quite outdated and corruption is rife but don't tell me this is not the case in the UK or the USA, its just better hidden. Czech TV and music leaves me cold  but thats not because of the language but the fact I grew out of 80's pop thirty years ago and I don't like watching cheesy 70's type variety shows.  These are just a few of the things that I personally don't like and I could go on but for every negative thing there are dozens of positives.

* Prague itself is extraordinarily beautiful and if you have only ever been here on a stag or hen weekend then please come back sober and wander through the streets. You don't get this type of architecture in Milton Keynes for sure.
 * The climate. I am writing this sat in my conservatory looking at all the birds sat on my bird feeder - the sun is so hot on my back that I had to take my jumper off yet its  minus 3oC outside.
* The health system - it doesn't look pretty from the outside but as everyone knows its what's on the inside that matters and that is without question fabulous and more importantly the system works. 1 Euro to  consult with a specialist surgeon at an appointment I set up last week! The USA can only weep at this type of health system.
* We don't have horse meat in our ready made processed meals because they are not widely available here .  We actually cook from scratch here!

So what can you do about these negative, small minded and offensive people? Well for a start I have stopped giving them a platform for their views and am unfriend- ing these types of people . Rant away all you like on Facebook and other social media channels but I will not be listening .  Yes I could just ignore their posts and it does seem rather a ridiculous and childish stand to take  but we are all entitled to our own opinions and I have to respect that. Do I think they will be affected by this or change their views, probably not if the article below is to be believed but at least I feel I have made my point.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Where have I been?

Oh my goodness, has it really been so long since I last wrote a blog ? Obviously so !
A lot has happened in my life in the last few years but I guess there isn't a person alive who can't say the same. The trick in writing anything that goes out to the world at large is how much to reveal about yourself , what to say and more importantly what not to say. Whilst I do not particularly care what other people think about me, when you are starting up a new business venture you need to be cautious about presenting the right image and not just upsetting or annoying people with your opinions. Or do you?
I am known for being very opinionated and my 'tell it like it is' policy is one of the reasons why I am respected in my field. Shouldn't I apply the same logic to my writing? The answer is a big resounding yes so this year I am going to write more blogs, mentor more people and generally put my head above the parapet again. I apologize up front for upsetting anyone with my skewed logic and opinions!
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