Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lunchtime gourmet

Lunchtime is always a conundrum for any office worker - where to go and what to have?
Working in Luxembourg Plaza in Prague 3 we are lucky enough to have the Flora mall opposite us and the Marriot hotel next door so we have a few restaurants to choose from but every now and again the food court is deemed to be the 'wise' person choice.The minute you step foot amongst the garish lights, plastic furniture and inhall that unmistabale odour of fried 'everything you've never wanted' you know you have made a mistake . Not being quitters we try and make the best of a bad job but oh dear oh dear! Even allowing for the fact that you might manage to find something that does not totally turn your insides you are then given the mightiest tool of them all -plastic cutlery. What on earth was going through the persons mind when they invented this idea? As a benchmark of the food you are about to consume though the plastic fork is a good indicator of things to come so take time away from looking at the various menus and instead check out their cutlery!

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