Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thai massage.

At the last minute this weekend I booked an anti stress massage whilst up in the Czech mountains. http://www.tawan.cz/ Anti stress? You are having a laugh. The least stressful part of this was actually paying for it- 25 Euro if you are interested. What part of having a little Thai girl crawling over you and then putting some red hot cloth on you is supposed to take your mind off things? Don't even get me started on the Richard Clayderman with birdsong music that they always seem to play at these establishments.
To be fair to the Thai lady I am not known for being a massage lover. I try, God knows I try because I think I should like it but it just doesn't do it for me at all. Have tried the normal oily massages, the hot stone massage, the lymphatic drainage massage, have even done the 'get smeared with mud and then wrapped in tin foil' massage all to no avail.http://www.suncanihvar.com/sensori-spa.html Massages just irritate me!  I refuse to give up though and maybe sometime soon I will find some type of massage that hits the spot. Any suggestions?

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  1. I know you don't like massage...but i don't think thai massage is really about feeling relaxed...its more about getting the knots out of your muscles which is painful. I think its a good stress reliever, but painful!


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