Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hotel Guadalmina Spa+Golf hotel

Just recently I went to the Costa del Sol for a few days and stayed at the Hotel Guadalmina Spa and Golf hotel in Estepona. This resort has just reopened after being bought by an institutional investor who spotted an opportunity in a basically good hotel that was having financial troubles,was badly positioned in the market and was stuck in the 90's,they didn't even use the Internet for bookings! The investor has his heart in the right place and yes am sure people will be impressed that they are splashing the cash by putting new LCD televisions in the rooms but where is the common sense factor? Surely someone from the investment company has spent enough nights in a hotel to spot the problems associated with keeping on the existing staff and can spot how to improve things with either minimal capital outlay or in a lot of cases absolutely non at all. What I saw over the four days was enough to break a girls heart.

I travel for business alot and I always give feedback about how to improve things but honestly, I ran out of space on the suggestion sheet here!
I wish the Hotel Gualdalmina a whole lot of luck and hope things turn out well but I have a sneaky feeling that if this is how things are running in the first couple of months then it is a slippery slope back to where they were before.

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  1. can't believe when we were there all this was happening. for what it was it was a damn good time and i'd even go back...but i didn't have trouble with my room key...and that would have REALLY ticked me off!


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