Saturday, July 17, 2010

Gay Pride

I happened to be in Madrid a couple of weekends ago when it was Gay Pride weekend. It's no secret that I am gay friendly and have been now for over 20 years since the training instructor at Stakis Casinos yelled "come on sisters we've got work to do"! I am also proud to have the most fabulous guy who just happens to be gay as one of my best friends. I don't seek them out but I am attracted to them and vice versa, like a moth to a flame.
Gay Pride was an absolutely fabulous experience and shall definitely be back next year. From the waiter in the restaurant squealing in delight when his friend bought him a rainbow coloured tiara to the guys in the hotels lining the Gran Via throwing water on the people in the streets on procession day it was camp fun at it's very best. Thousands of people must have been packed into the Chueca district over the course of those 3 days but unlike any other huge gathering of people I was definitely feeling the luurve!
I know there is a lot of mixed feelings amongst the gay community about the benefit of the increasingly popular Gay pride events that have cropped up around the world ( Dublin springs to mind but seriously, gay Pride in Dublin?!)but I personally cannot see the harm and if you take it for what it is, good clean fun then why not? Ultimately if you don't like it then stay home - less people in the shops vying with me to buy that rainbow coloured tiara!

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  1. love the fact that you are promoting PRIDE. I think you should read The Christopher Isherwood Diaries.


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