Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vegetarian in Eastern Europe.

I have been a vegetarian now for nearly 22 years. I do not eat any meat or fish and I only eat diary because I have to. To say that it is hard living in Eastern Europe and being vegetarian is a huge understatement. It has got easier over time ( thank you Italien restaurants everywhere!) but the selection of food on offer is still woefully lacking. Tofu is available but not Quorn or any other meat replacement and consequently protein is a huge problem. Fried cheese and fried cauliflower used to be one of the few things on offer and even then you had to cut into it in case they had sneaked some ham into it. Ham, apparently, is not meat in this region!
Even the selection of fresh fruit and vegetables in the supermarkets is pretty lousy which I cannot fathom as everywhere you go in the country there are stalls selling fresh produce. I remember once stalking a woman through the streets of Prague because she had the most fabulous lettuce in her hand! Just this year the concept of the farmers market seems to have taken off with a vengeance so am hoping for a general up turn in vegetarian fortunes. Check out your local listings for these markets but to date I know of the one at Dejvicka in Prague 6, Pankrac in Prague 4 and even one in Ricany.
If you know of any more spread the word. Fresh fruit and veg rules!!

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