Sunday, August 1, 2010

Oil painting collector.

I am now an art collector . This started 2 years ago when I attended a charity art auction for the Orco Foundation  I never intended to buy anything I thought I would just go along to show support but as any dedicated shopper will testify it's not that simple. I came away with 4 large oil paintings.
I should say that I am not an art officienado, I like what I like and that is it. Being a pragmatic person I tend towards art that I can see instantly what it is without having to stand on my head!
As any novice when you get involved in a hobby its the little things that surprise you. The biggest surprise for me was the fact that the pictures were not framed. Duh, it's not Ikea Karen!
The second surprising thing says more about my personality than anything else and just goes to prove that we are creatures of habit. All the pictures, although different in theme and painted by different artists were all virtually identical in colour and style, lots of bold strong primary colours with a dominant central image
I have continued to buy art since that time , the art broker now knows what I like and at least twice a year he brings a selection of canvases to my office where I make my selection. Very civilized don't you think? I've even managed to get them framed if not quite hanging on a wall!
Not sure if ever any of these pictures will be worth anything, even though some of the artists are relatively well know in their field but that is not the issue. Art, like music brings people pleasure and we should all strive to surround ourselves with things we love and that give us pleasure.


  1. hilarious when you talk about the paintings not being framed! You didn't mention that Czech artist print someone gave you that may be worth a bit o cash....can't think of his name but think he's a tenant too at Bubenska 1

  2. Yes it's by Jan Merta . He was one of our first tenants in Bubenska . Must go and ask him what the devil it is supposed to be. Another of those things I need to look at upside down to figure it out!


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